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Avg. 83% Longer site times & 47% lower bounce rates.

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Real-Time UX Platform


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Customers are trend-hungry and always looking for the next big thing. Suppose a brand can’t deliver on what’s up and coming in its industry, another will. Workflows to respond to market trends and customer desires quickly.


Our scientific approach takes assumptions out of the design equation with more intelligent measurement.

performance Driven

We create data-driven assets that will help keep your digital campaigns performing at an all-time high. Coupled with our science-based approach to testing, Digitalstem’s creative services provide you with performance-focused design, editing, and production, explicitly built around best practices for the channel and your target audiences.

UX - UI Platform

Our platform will immediately begin extracting data for analysis resulting in faster testing times. In addition, connecting is as easy as dropping in one line of script that will not alter load times and seamless integration.

Creativity is Science

Digitalstem creative services also encompass variation production, which sits alongside a solid test strategy systemically throughout your channels. As a result, we optimize what works and eliminate what does not. However, we are not stopping here because performance marketing creativity is science.


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