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The OTT advertising consultant guides businesses and organizations looking to enter the OTT market or improve their existing OTT performance.

What is OTT Advertising?

What is OTT or Connected TV advertising? OTT stands for “over-the-top,” which refers to the delivery of video content over the internet without the involvement of a traditional cable or broadcast TV service provider. Instead, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and others deliver OTT content directly to users.

Why Work With an OTT consultant?

OTT consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of the OTT industry, including the latest technologies, platforms, and trends.

The services provided by an OTT consultant may include:
  • Strategy development: An OTT consultant can help businesses and organizations develop a comprehensive strategy for entering the OTT market or expanding their existing offerings.
  • Content acquisition: OTT consultants may advise on acquiring or producing well-suited content for the OTT market.
  • Technology selection: OTT consultants can help businesses and organizations select the right technology platforms and tools to deliver their content to viewers.
  • Monetization strategy: An OTT consultant can guide monetizing content in the OTT market, including subscription-based models, advertising, and pay-per-view options.
  • User experience: An OTT consultant can help businesses and organizations improve the user experience of their OTT offerings, such as by providing recommendations on user interface design and functionality.

Overall, an OTT consultant can help businesses and organizations navigate the complex and constantly evolving OTT market to ensure they deliver high-quality, engaging content to viewers profitably and sustainably.

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The Nuances of Tracking OTT Channels

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There are several ways to track OTT advertising, including:
  • Ad servers and tracking pixels: Similar to web-based advertising, OTT advertising uses ad servers to deliver ads to viewers. Ad tracking pixels can also track viewer engagement with the ads. These tools can provide impressions, clicks, and other key metrics data.
  • Ad attribution tools: These tools can help track the impact of OTT advertising on viewer behavior, such as website visits, app downloads, or purchases. Attribution tools can also help measure the effectiveness of specific ad campaigns.
  • Analytics platforms: Many OTT platforms offer built-in analytics tools to provide data on viewer behavior and ad engagement. This data can be used to optimize ad campaigns and improve overall performance.
  • Third-party measurement and verification services: These services can provide independent, third-party verification of ad delivery and performance metrics, such as viewability and completion rates.

Overall, tracking OTT advertising requires various tools and strategies consultants provide to measure ad delivery and viewer engagement. By leveraging these tools, businesses, and advertisers can optimize their OTT ad campaigns for maximum impact and return on investment.

Optimizing key performance indicators is key when factoring in ROI.

How an OTT Consultant Optimizes Performance

Optimizing OTT advertising involves a variety of strategies that can help improve ad delivery, engagement, and overall performance.

Here are some critical steps to optimizing OTT advertising:
    • Targeting: One of the most effective ways to optimize OTT advertising is to target your ads to specific audiences. By understanding your target audience’s interests and behaviors, you can ensure that your ads are shown to the viewers most likely to engage with them.
    • Ad creative: Creating engaging and compelling ad creative is crucial to maximizing engagement with your ads. This can include using high-quality visuals, incorporating interactive elements, and crafting a clear, concise message that resonates with your target audience.
    • Frequency capping: Too many ads can turn off viewers and lead to ad fatigue, so it’s essential to set frequency caps to ensure that viewers aren’t bombarded with too many ads. This can help improve the viewer experience and ensure your ads are more effective.
    • Measurement and testing: Measuring the effectiveness of your ad campaigns is crucial to optimizing OTT advertising. This can include tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, and completion rates and using A/B testing to optimize your ads and targeting strategies over time.
    • Personalization: Personalizing your ads to individual viewers can help increase engagement and drive better results. This can include targeting ads based on viewing history, location, and other factors and using dynamic ad insertion to serve relevant ads in real-time.

    Optimizing OTT advertising requires a consultant to have a comprehensive approach considering targeting, ad creativity, frequency capping, measurement and testing, and personalization. By leveraging these strategies, businesses and advertisers can ensure that their OTT ads are effective, engaging, and optimized for success.

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