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Proprietary AIS® Enterprise Digital Marketing Solutions Technology

The perfect marriage of human ingenuity and digital marketing tech providing the diagnostics, benchmarking, and optimization transforming how brands cultivate more revenue.

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Contextual AIS® Indexing

Simply put, A.I. crawls millions of web pages indexing specific rules-based criteria. Hone in on your competitive landscape or create high-ranking content your target audience seeks.

Develop competitive profiles, benchmarks, and pillar content funnels that resonate with consumer behavior.

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Intuitive AIS® Ecosystems

Profoundly reach deeper into your target audiences, cultivate consumer profiles, and deliver more of what matters to you—developing audience profiles leveraged to guide the consumer journey down the path to conversions.

Amplify your voice with enterprise digital marketing solutions and break through the digital noise.

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Behavioral AIS® Insights

Real-time UX, UI, and A-B technologies deliver powerful insight that drives brand loyalty, lower bounce rates, and increases per visitor values across all networks.

Technology that accelerates the creative curve lifting organization success.

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Media Mix AIS® Modeling

Modern marketing model diagnostics is a forward-looking assessment identifying where you need to pivot your marketing functionality to unlock growth. It involves performance segmentation, omnichannel analysis, LTV, and more to make better marketing investment decisions.

Free up internal and external resources to invest in high-potential, data-driven growth opportunities.


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Were Invested Into Our Clients Long Term Success

Whatever your aim, from embracing new digital capabilities to launching an entirely new digital venture, our enterprise digital marketing solutions set a new standard of excellence.

Our digital marketing firm’s enterprise digital marketing solutions include real-time UX, UI, and A-B technologies that deliver powerful insight that drives brand loyalty, lower bounce rates, and increase per visitor values across all networks.

Without visionary thought leadership, most brands bounce from agency to agency. We get it; we have invested in our proprietary technology (AIS™); our software continually collects third-party data across the web, building robust audience acquisition profiles matching your product or services. Then, continuously filtering this data, we identify patterns such as which networks, what devices, and what time of the day your consumers are looking to buy your products or services.

Leveraging this data, our digital marketing firm pinpoints your target consumers, knowing precisely where they are, and delivering the right ad that will lead to the highest probability of conversion.

Once you hire our digital marketing firm to optimize your return on investment, we begin compiling data building top competitors’ marketing profiles. We will then utilize this data to develop the best possible strategy to gain marketshare to dominate the competition.

DST technology provides a forensic competitive landscape analysis, or what is known as a competitor audit, which is a deep analysis of where your competitors are spending the most effort and the messaging behind it.

Gaining insight into the competition is a critical component that drives marketing initiatives to their fullest, exposing new opportunities & increasing marketshare.

Seamless communication never stops and is the cornerstone of our mutual success. You will have a digital marketing firm that will be in your hip pocket to grow with your knowing more and more each day. We never stop learning.

Digitalstem provides the thought leadership, guidance, years of experience that it takes in the modern digital marketing marketplace. Delivering reports that you can easily understand on all aspects of vital performance metrics.

Continually monitoring the competition and relaying this data back to you so we are proactively adjusting our efforts to maintain the highest level of market saturation possible based on marketing budgets and your business goals. Expect constant communications on opportunities yet explored, always seeking higher per visitor values globally.

We do everything for your business, as our digital marketing firm is the tip of the spear for your online brand, and we never take this lightly. Our firm from the ground up is committed to your brand’s long-term growth. So, with a do what it takes attitude, pushing the limits to perform at our fullest potential driven by technology that provides our digital marketing firm the competitive edge you gain when working with Digitalstem.

We’re not like any other marketing company you talk to; you will notice it immediately. But, of course, you won’t hear how good we are, but how our experience in the digital marketing space and tools can be applied to exceed your expectations.

Our approach is bullish, so to speak, and our clients appreciate that and would have it no other way; we hate losing, and our track record of success is a testament to our expertise in the digital space!

Setting benchmarks early, if we do not increase your leads or sales according to our mutually agreed upon benched marked levels, we will work for free until we hit our goals or refund your fees, no questions asked. We have yet to refund any client in the 13 years of managing digital marketing campaigns.

We provide clients with quantifiable, high-impact digital marketing results with innovative digital marketing solutions. Once our digital marketing experts begin working on your campaigns, you will immediately see the impact of our work. Clients’ websites need to be adjusted to gain the most out of our efforts in most cases. We will outline updates to maximize ROI and efficiently scale fast at every turn.

By the way, we have yet to refund one client in the 13 years of managing digital marketing campaigns. This is just one reason why Digitalstem has a 93% client retention rate over a 12-month relationship.

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