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Growing Businesses, It’s All We Do…

Data Driven Solutions. Data Defined Actions. Data Delivered Results.

Buyer behavior along with consumer mind-sets are evolving and traditional digital marketing techniques are constantly changing as well.  As a result, your digital marketing has to evolve in tandem to pinpoint your consumers with highly targeted, relevant and behavioral based content. This is where we come in.

Digital Stem GROWS online businesses. You can expect a boutique, collaborative and partner centric type of experience.  The one on one relationship is vital and a cornerstone to growing one’s business which is a gap experienced in dealing with a typical marketing agency. We immerse ourselves in your business to understand your goals, your challenges and unleash your vision by utilizing our skills, experience and expertise. We audit, mitigate loss, maximize wins, define actions and deliver results.  We take a direct, factual and honest approach. At DigitalStem, We Grow Businesses, It’s All We Do…

Solutions. Actions. Results.


Paid Search Advertising – Your dedicated search team is back by powerful tools that eliminates loss, minimize risk and maximize efficiencies that typically save up to 17% in the first 45 days of ad spend for all clients that engage Digital Stem. We Grow Businesses, It’s All We Do…


Social Media Advertising – We redefine and grow your social media advertising returns utilizing forensic audit techniques that discover loss leaders. We maximize your wins, engage untapped audiences while maximizing retargeting and ad creative to reach new buyers.


Display Advertising – We empower your display advertising campaigns with audience and behavioral ads to bring new ROI to display. The key is the right message at the right time when the buying decision is being made that will provide long lasting, scalable revenue streams.

CRO, A/B & Multivariate

Conversion Rate Optimization – This is where we excel as this is the heart of what our company was founded on. Our founder, with over 17 years’ experience, takes ownership of all new CRO analysis programs. With insightful actionable data and thought leadership, we strive to enhance returns for all our clients, month over month.

  • Real time tools
  • In-house design experts
  • Analytically driven team
  • Data driven results

Continuous Audits

Digital Marketing Audit – With seamless deployment, we dig right into analyzing each marketing channel utilizing our proven track record and experience. Our technology, backed by human capital, systematically mines all marketing channels structure, health & return, website analysis, cart and other KPI’s based on analytical data.

  • Account organization analysis
  • Marketing channel optimization
  • Detailed ROI reporting
  • Landing page analysis, and more.


UX - The Experience

User Experience Optimization – Digital Stem empowers clients, by combining two separate sources of data; behavioral quantitative data and usability testing qualitative data into a powerful single tool that generates factual modeling data that can systematically improve revenue, website performance, and heightening user engagements and elevate retention.

  • Seamless integration
  • Real time behavioral data
  • Continuous page analysis
  • Data driven results

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What To Expect…


Seamless Communication

Rest assured you’re never in the dark, were proactive, consistent with how we interact with you and your business goals.


With data driven thought leadership we’re consistently revealing new revenue opportunities while providing analytical insight on efficiencies.


Years of marketing under our belt we have the historical data from our victories and defeats,  we have honed our chops.


Real time reporting dashboards in conjunction with our weekly calls, you should never have to guess what kind of results you’re getting.


Ethics & Honesty

We pride ourselves providing positive results, and we own it when we fall short, we tell you the facts and the strategy that will correct it.

Why Choose Us


Constant Communication

We communicate in a way that provides you the comfort you need to instill confidence and value.



Our constant communication delivers up to date findings so you’re never in the dark.


Data Driven Optimization

Using sophisticated tool sets, we are informed so we can be proactive not reactive.

Continuous Testing

Utilizing real time data, we strive to continually improve user experience and engagements.

Human Capitol

We do not adhere to the, set it and forget it, tool sets being used today and our experts are hands on.


No Long Term Contracts

We prove ourselves on delivering results every day, each month to earn your trust and loyalty.

Ethics & Honesty

Our core values, we don’t tell you want you want to hear we only tell you the facts.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We engage you as business partners not clients, we spend your dollars as if they were our own.

Choosing the right marketing company to work with your business is as important as picking the right partner. They need to be a good fit and mesh with your personality, company culture and long term business goals. They need to see your company vision and be able to execute your ideas with ease.

This means that transparency is important. Before you sign the dotted line, you need to understand who will lead your company’s marketing campaign and who will be your direct contact for all communications. When you know that you’ll be comfortable with the leadership, you are more likely to have a successful partnership with the agency that you hire.

Our Partnerships

Digital Stem empowers companies to maximize revenue through data driven tested solutions, thought leadership and a relentless passion to succeed.

Relentless Dedication

Our passion for success is at the forefront of what we do….It’s all we do, We Grow Businesses.