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Efficiency Expert for Search, Social, OTT, and Display Digital Marketing

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Omni-Channel Efficiency Expert for Paid Digital Marketing

I am a digital marketing efficiency expert specializing in optimizing digital marketing strategies and tactics to achieve maximum results with the least amount of internal resources.

Paid Search Management

With over 45 million under management, our scientific approach to search takes assumptions out of the equation.

Intelligent Social Automation

My approach to paid social media encompasses intelligent automation and measurement, pinpointing audiences.

Shopping and PMAX Solutions

Scale with automation and the data science that manages your shopping ads as you would.

Video and Display Ads

Pinpoint consumers with the technology, diagnostics, and benchmarking necessary to transform reach channels.

OTT and Connected TV

Tap more profoundly into your audiences with media mix modeling and incrementally testing for connected devices.

Illustration showing the elements of how I break down the efficiency of clients digital marketing

Our scientific approach to your marketing management eliminates assumptions with more intelligent automation and better measurement, letting us pinpoint audiences. Digitalstem provides managed digital marketing and consulting services, helping brands in the online advertising industry gain more significant market share, improving revenues from existing marketing channel data, and optimizing for an optimal ad media mix, uncovering opportunities to achieve greater returns on investment.

Whatever your aim, from embracing new digital marketing capabilities to reimagining your business operations or even launching new digital ventures. The goal of a digital consultant is to help organizations maximize their digital potential and achieve their goals through the effective use of technology.

Media Mix Modeling and Channel Efficiency

Deploying our world-class capabilities to deliver value fast, providing the innovative tools and technology, diagnostics, and benchmarking needed to achieve every ambition. As your digital marketing services provider or optimization consultant, we build a culture agility that delivers value fast and intelligently, developing models of incrementality that scale ROI through all marketing channels.

Successfully solving the modern marketing challenges businesses face means being prepared to dig deep into your business and your markets to clarify each channel challenge and expose new growth opportunities ushering in a new vision for the organization’s systematic success.

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Leading brand in the contact lenses industry is now managing multi-million dollar paid search budget with a focus on consulting services to maximize ROI.
Nationally recognized musical instrument brand hires digitalstem to audit their managed digital marketing services.
National racing aftermarket parts superstore see’s 293% lift in new customer growth in 2022 after hiring digitalstem as their acquisition digital marketing consulting firm.
Southern California financial firm hire digitalstem to increase digital marekting efficiencies to produce more online scheduled leads and grow organic rankings to bring in higher roas.
Automotive aftermarket parts retailer experience 320% lift after acquiring digitalstem’s marketing consulting services.
Digital marketing consulting services lifted national LED Sign company to 500% increase in revenue.

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