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Developing The Highest Converting Campaigns In The Industry

Multi-channel auditing by the brightest analytical minds in the industry, creating roadmaps for success.

Once changes are put in place, expect to drive more leads & increase your sales with less overall costs. 


About Analysis

Creating Better Digital Marketing Performance

competitive landscape analysis improves digital marketing performance with fact based data

Our applied science behind the audits delivers a roadmap of executables that, once implemented, will increase conversion rates and lower the avg. cost of each data point we deliver in our outline.

A systematic, multi ad network audit will begin once access is granted with simple user access. Deploying state of the art technology, we will define wins and expose loss leaders for your evaluation.

Maximize your budget with data-driven auditing experts at DigitalStem.

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Maximize Paid Search Revenue

Typically we see over 31% of paid search spends wasted on underperforming strategies.

Disclosure of Loss Leaders

Micro analyzing each ad network, from keyword to ad copy and audience, nothing is overlooked.

Discover New Opportunities

The byproduct of our audits, undiscovered opportunities the competitors never see coming.


What should I expect?

We take a granular look at each network and systematically analyze the best performers and eliminate waste on the underperforming with optimization tactics to correct them.


The costs associated with my audit?

Our audits are 100% FREE, complimentary to any and all, were about increasing brands….That’s all we do!


Will I get a written report?

You will receive a complete outline in email format that is easily translated into actionable items you can incorporate easily.


How long will my audit take?

Totally depends on the enormity of your accounts, typically 48 hours.

Learn How We Can Help Your Business Thrive

Years of creating successful campaigns for startups to fortune 500’s, generating thousands of leads and millions in revenue.

We’ll do the same for you!

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