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UX Optimization

Improve Performance With UX Driven PPC Management 

Increasing efficiencies with real-time UX platform

UX Optimization 

Improve Performance With UX Driven PPC Management 

Increasing efficiencies with real-time UX optimization platform

The Art Of UX Design

The UX process typically involves work done over a longer period of time and requires a dedicated UX team to lead this part of the project. But it is perhaps the most insightful as you get to see a group of people that you are studying in their natural environments.

UX Design Platform

This is where you observe the user in the field, watch users perform actions and tasks on their own it can be insightful. Basically you are observing without interfering, noting things which they find easy or difficult and things they may have missed. The goal is to immerse yourself in the user’s environment to better empathize with their pain points.

It’s easy to design solutions, but UX design works by a complete understanding on the user.

Only 55% of companies are currently conducting any kind of UX optimization.
You have about 3 seconds to capture the user’s attention before they leave.
44% of online shoppers tell a friend about a bad online experience.
68% of users leave a site because of poor User-centered design
About a whopping 97% sites fail due to bad UX designs

Our projects are ever-evolving, taking on a life of their own

Creating Optimal Digital Experiences.

marketing consulting UX services
  • Creating the prototype
  • Usability-test your designs
  • Analytically proof concepts
  • Followed by another round of testing

Questions answered after each iteration

· What do they like about the prototype
· What do they dislike about the prototype
· What are the pain points
· Why did a flow work
· Why did a flow not work
· What would they like to improve
· Does the overall design/flow meet their needs

Real-time recorded user sessions result in faster turn around times

marketing consulting UX services

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