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Discover the real incremental contribution of any media mix by channel, campaign, ad set, or tactic to your business results.

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Leverage data from unlimited sources to uncover the cumulative effects of almost anything marketers wish to test — on any outcome that can be measured.

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What is Incrementality Testing?

Media Incrementality represents the natural, incremental contribution that one media channel, campaign, ad set, or strategy makes to a company’s bottom line.


Why Should Brands Measure Incrementality?

Because they cannot access all of their data beyond their environments, each digital advertising platform uses the same flawed attribution method at the last touch. As a result, reports provided by the ad platforms never align with the words from the site analytics.


How Do You Calculate Incrementality?

By holding an ad or treatment in trial to a statistically significant portion of their intended audience (the control group), marketers can identify the proportion of their target audience who are still converted after they have not been exposed to an ad.

Obtain a deeper understanding of behavior across all devices and platforms. Google Analytics gives you the tools to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

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Only Adobe mixes, matches, and analyzes data from anywhere in the customer journey. Plus, get versatile reporting, predictive intelligence, and more.

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