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PPC Management Services

You Run Your Business. We’ll help you find customers.

We get it, your brand’s story has many layers, and the needs of each are unique. Our skill set is applied to match your needs to the correct marketing mix that will create the perfect environment for your brand to grow.

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PPC solutions designed to meet your exacting needs.

We want you to know right from the start which of our services are most suitable for your brand’s goals. We know that in some cases, the service we provide can make or break your business, and we do not take this lightly.

PPC Management Services 

Full-Service PPC Management Services Provider 


Google Ads PPC Management

Drive more awareness, leads, and sales managed by PPC experts with over a decade of experience.


Bing Ads PPC Management

Unleash more with Bing Ads, and most overlook & underutilize the potential of this network.


Social Media Advertising

Your brand has a unique story, we are excellent storytellers.


(CRO) Conversion Rate Optimization

The real-time application we deploy results in real-time insight to maximize ROI.


(UX) User Experience

Ongoing UX | UI analysis produces lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


Video & Text Remarketing

Re-engage lost opportunities, with multi-funnel remarketing methodology.


Google Analytics Customization

We customize to your unique tracking needs, resetting KPI’s.


Forensic PPC Audits

Exposing actionable items that will instantly improve performance.

Discover why over 90% of clients continue to work with us after 12 months of service.

We have a long history of harnessing the power of the web to deliver the results your brand needs to grow. Regardless of what your business sells, our solutions quickly expand your consumer base, resulting in better user experience, faster growth, and much more profitable business.

PPC Management Services

Simply put, hire the best PPC talent and unleash the best PPC technology and you get the best PPC results. Using technology powered by our highly trained PPC experts, we are proud to say, we deliver the fastest results, of what matters to you and your business!

We don’t just drive traffic, and we escalate sales and deliver more leads with daily reports to keep us accountable, and you informed.

Avg Increased Quality Scores 78%

From SKAGs to mobile optimization strategies, experience new are in PPC efficiencies. Reformulate your quality scores for lower costs per click resulting in business growth that doesn’t require additional investments.

Mitigate Lost PPC Spend By 95%

Our auditing process has been honed with over 2750 PPC campaign data extractions, resulting in millions of dollars in recovered lost advertising spend, let our audit methodology apply its formulations against your campaigns.

Avg 63% Increase in Leads & Sales

Applying over a decade of PPC optimization experience allows us to deliver results that are not only consistently, but sales that can scale. Our clients typically see the effects of our work within the first 30 days if not sooner.

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Creating brand strategies that resulted in DigitalStem having the lowest cancellation rate in the industry.

What to expect from DigitalStem.

  • Month to Month Agreements, we earn your trust every day.
  • 24/7 Access, we’re never more than a cell phone away.
  • Consistent Communication, your never in the dark.
  • Weekly Meetings, keep you informed on all aspects of your account.
  • Fasttrack’s Roi, from auditing to optimization – expect immediate results.
  • Increased Market Share, continual testing optimizes your conversion rates.
  • Competitor Analysis, making sure you’re first to market.
  • In-House Design Team, from banners to A/B landing page testing.
  • Total Transparency, reporting and weekly meetings keep you informed. 
  • Automated Reporting, take your data anywhere.
  • Specialized Tools, from bid management to UX maximizing your ROI.

Reporting Dashboard Keeps You Up To Date 

PPC Management Services That Generate Sales

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