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Multi-funnel dynamic remarketing campaigns that capture missed opportunities with engaging ads driving your target audiences down the path to conversion.

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A Story in Research

Online eyewear company contacted DigitalStem to create a strategy based on their database of over 57,000 line items of data. First, validate the data accuracy with an email authentication program. Next uploaded authenticated data into AdWords for a high-level brand remarketing campaign and monitor the results. The rules-based, remarketing campaigns were created for the best results based on clients’ requirements. Each user as they entered the site fell into these 3 parameters for remarketing drip campaign ads based on clients’ sales funnel.

The numbers

From the original 57,000 line items, 39k were deemed valid.  Of the 87% of users reached, 72% entered clients sales funnel (24,429). We lowered bounce rates by 71% and increased site times by 439% by funneling users based on behavior.

Of the original 39k, the client received a 14% conversion rate equaling 3420 new sales. A follow up 50-75% off sale for Black Friday resulted in 2496 sales, a 73% conversion rate.


  • Conversion Rate Over Time – 46.5%
  • Return Users – 72%
  • Social Following – 85%


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Behavioral Remarketing

Does Your Remarketing Drive Sales? Delivering superior results with behavioral intent-based remarketing ads.

Guide Your Consumers Down Your Sales Funnel To Conversion

Custom intent-based ads are rotating and optimized behind the scenes to maximize engagements with specific offers based on user buying intent.

Analysis / Authentication Process
Encapsulating Target Audiences
Funnel Segmentation
Intent Recognition

Resulting in the highest remarketing ROI in the industry

Smartphone showing report of behavioral remarketing data

Behavioral Remarketing Flow Chart Explained…

All traffic sources are funneled into various remarketing campaigns based on your unique sales cycle and product or service offerings.

Proven Remarketing approach that grows brands.

Re-engage your website visitor with behavioral-based remarketing ads that guide your traffic through the buying process.

Behavioral remarketing strategies that increase ROI.

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