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Our PPC audit agency will uncover the cause of your floundering campaigns and outline a course of action to correct the fundamental issues.

PPC Audit Agency provides actionable insights that will help regain your diminishing ROI from your PPC campaigns. Once we finish your PPC audit, you will start seeing improved conversion rates, while lowering your CPC, maximizing your ROI.

First, Analytical Data Has To Be Validated

Not validating your analytics data s is one of the biggest mistakes any PPC manager can make. Without accurate data, it’s impossible to know if your campaigns and optimization tactics are working. We begin the audit process with an in-depth audit of your analytics is first!

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Second, Review Each Marketing Channels Targeting Settings

One overlooked step here can have an overwhelmingly negative impact on your account performance

  • Network Settings
  • Mobile Bid Adjustments
  • Target Locations

Start with the basics, like peeling pack layers of the PPC onion!

PPC Audit Has Many Components, The Top Areas We See That Are Overlooked

The general rule of thumb is that an ad group should never contain more than 5-7 keywords and never a broad match among them.

  • Check Number of Ads Per Ad Group
  • Double-check all Ads & Call Out Extensions
  • Review Keyword Match Types
  • One-Click Review Change History Is In Order As Well 
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The Scope Of Our PPC Audits Are Extensive, Here Is A Brief Overview:

Analysis of your entire marketing strategy mined and studied in conjunction with all your core PPC accounts. We provide a silo analysis of each channel’s RIO with a complete summary of your core PPC accounts, such as AdWords, depending on your unique marketing approach. Your PPC Audit agency professional will provide a detailed list of actionable, data-backed recommendations for improving performance.

Mainly the reason we all need to audit our work regularly is to maximize PPC ad spend. Even the PPC audit agency experts can overlook the essential items provoking damaging ROI, and this is why a regular PPC audit is so vital. Two separate experts complete their independent examinations then cross-reference that ensures analytical accuracy, and we don’t overlook anything.

Read more about the most common AdWords mistakes, click here.

A PPC account audit from our PPC Audit Agency will shed light on all these questions and provide a blueprint to correct them.

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The Top Reasons You Need To Conduct Regular PPC Audits From Outside Experts

  • Get a new perspective & insight from PPC experts.
  • Engaging with PPC experts with years of experience ensures confidence in results.
  • Obtain a free analysis with an in-depth roadmap with corrections.
  • Improve your PPC strategy or insight into a better one.
  • 95% of our audits find the entire approach needs to be accessed for competitive gaps.
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PPC Audit Services Overview

PPC Audits by a professional PPC Audit Agency

One of the most effective strategies to reduce this lost advertising dollar and ensure that your business reaches its target audience is to conduct regular PPC Audits.  When you run a Google Ads PPC audit, you’ll need to review your account and campaigns thoroughly. Investigate where your money is generating the best revenue and where it is not performing to your goals. PC Audit Agency will reveal where advertising spending is wasted and even lead to new campaign ideas. Examinations are great for keeping your account setup clean and organized and ultimately reducing the amount of time you spend on it every day.

Before you begin your PPC audit, take a moment

PPC campaigns are fluid and unique and respond to many factors that are largely beyond your control. Often PPC marketplaces are in flux, other advertisers enter bids or change their strategies, while the user’s intent can be cyclical or unexpected. Before you begin your PPC audit, take a moment to sign in to the Google AdWords and Analytics accounts that have access to your relevant accounts.

Google ads and Google Analytics are correctly linked

One of the most important aspects of a PPC campaign is the defined measurement of its performance. First, make sure that your Google ads and Google Analytics are correctly linked. Then check whether you have set clearly defined conversion goals in Analytics and imported meaningful goals into Google Ads. The conversion data you collect is precious for optimizing your campaigns.

Take advantage of PPC audit services

AdWords Quality Score plays a critical role in both reducing advertisings spend and increasing relevance to potential customers. To take advantage of PPC audit services, you should provide as much information as possible. There should be at least 90 days of account history to conduct a meaningful and comprehensive PPC review.

With a PC Audit Agency, you can see how your strategy works over time and how you can improve it. A PPC audit will help you figure out where to optimize your campaign for better performance.

If you want to get the most out of your PPC campaign, you’ll need to run a PPC review to ensure that your campaign is running correctly. A PPC audit agency can help you find out where you can improve your campaign.

DigitalStem you receive free PPC audit

At DigitalStem, we have more than 15 years of PPC  experience and are trusted PPC consultants. A PPC audit services expert can provide more in-depth analysis and implications of the various aspects of PC advertising strategies. PPC audits are expensive, but with DigitalStem you receive free PPC audit services, but you can use some PPC tools to meet your needs to some extent.

Segmenting your campaigns during your PPC audit

Running a successful campaign requires segmentation and granularity so that you can interpret data accurately and make informed changes. By segmenting your campaigns during your Google Ads audit, you not only get a logical hierarchy for your campaigns but also better control over your budget and settings. For example, you can keep the budget of an experimental campaign low without affecting the budget of your core service campaign.

Extensive Auditing of your PPC keywords

Audit your PPC keywords, use the negative keyword tool in the keyword report. In most cases, you will find various terms that appear in your advertising campaigns due to the use of broadly matched keywords. Using this type of tool can help your business reduce the number of malicious clicks that drain your ad budget. Because there are so many potential keywords for individual products, dynamic search campaigns can capture this intent more efficiently. The active search campaigns only crawl the product pages; these trigger long-tail searches back to the product pages. These dynamic campaigns should at least be tested for product pages to successfully cover the breadth of a website.

Driving down into your PPC campaigns, you want to segment high revenue and low revenue PPC campaigns or ad groups. By segmenting the PPC audit process will reveal much faster optimization tactics to improve your return on investment.

Repeated PPC audit services for the most significant benefits

Google Ads audits are a great way to improve your account’s performance and reduce costs. PPC audits are a crucial step to determine what needs to be improved and a professional PPC audit agency can uncover even more details to improve your PPC performance. PPC audit services will repeat the test every few weeks or every month for the most significant benefits. Reviews may seem tedious, but they bring big profits in the long run. After starting the PPC audit, first of all, check the target page. If your landing pages are not relevant to your prospect’s needs, you’ll see a high bounce rate. The easiest way to check the effectiveness of your landing is to connect it to Google Analytics or another relevant tool. Landing page relevance will impact the quality scores of your PPC efforts.

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