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PPC Audits Mitigate Loss & Maximizes Wins

Cultivating revenue for brands for over a decade with PPC auditing services.

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Two separate audit experts complete their independent examinations then cross-reference their findings, this ensures accuracy, and we don’t overlook anything. Upon the audit completion, we will deliver actionable items that will help regain your diminishing ROI from your PPC campaigns.

Forensic Auditing Services

Full-Service Auditing 


Google AdWords Audits Instantly Reduce Waste Ad Spend 19%

Over 140 segments of AdWords audited including all GDN & Video and more!


Bing Ads Audit Typically Results in Cost Saving of 27%

Unleash Bing Ads revenue with the most in-depth analysis in the industry.


Amazon PPC Audit Will Mitigate Loss While Maximizing ROI

eCommerce platform experts, analyzing all components for marketing gaps.


Social Media Audit Increases Efficiencies by 132%

We audit down to the device, audience, and ad copy ensuring the best ROI possible.

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First, Analytical Data Has To Be Validated

Not validating your analytics data s is one of the biggest mistakes any PPC audit services can make. Without accurate PPC data, it’s impossible to optimize AdWords and to know if your campaigns and optimization tactics are working.


Benefits of professional audits.

  • Get a new perspective & insight from PPC experts.
  • Engaging with PPC audit services you get years of experience ensures confidence in results.
  • Obtain a free analysis with an in-depth roadmap with corrections.
  • Improve your PPC strategy or insight into a better one.
  • 85% of our audits find the entire approach needs to be rebuilt to optimize correctly.

Segmentation during your audit.

By segmenting your campaigns during your audit, you not only get a logical hierarchy for your campaigns but also better control over your budget and settings. Running a successful campaign requires segmentation and granularity so that you can interpret data accurately and make informed changes. 

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