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Paid Search Agency Drives Sales With PPC Services Managed By Industry Experts Infographic

PPC Enables You To Display Your Ads On Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’S) As Consumers Search For Products & Services That You Offer.

Advertising services such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads work with real-time bidding (RTB), where advertising inventory is sold using real-time data in a private automated auction. Keywords are at the heart of PPC and connect advertisers with users searches that match your keywords to users seeking specific services and products.

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What is PPC or Paid Search?

PPC or Paid Search is an online advertising model that allows a paid search agency, or private business owner to display advertisements in the “sponsored results” section of a search engine results page. Google Ads uses a pay-per-click model where users bid on keywords and are paid for only when a click occurs on the ads every click on their ads. By appearing with the right keywords and meeting the audience’s criteria, advertisers are betting on the perceived value of each click know as “max cost per click”. The term PPC also applies to paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies use PPC to advance traffic and sales requests from their target group.

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Why PPC Services Drive Sales?

PPC advertising is a way for brands to set up ads and only pay when a user clicks on an ad. You set up a PPC campaign on an advertising platform and use the platform to create, publish and promote your ad to a specific target audience when the buying decision is being made. Any size business can compete in the open auction as long as the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the advertising network is being met, for examples of Google Ads privacy policy click here. Paid search agencies and private marketing professionals can be hired to fast track the optimization of PPC or paid search because they know the nuances of each ad network and can eliminate most trial and error that newcomers to PPC experience.

How Our Paid Search Agency Applies PPC Services To Drive Sales For Your Business?

Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is the most popular advertising platform that lets you place search and shopping ads on Google, video ads on YouTube, Gmail ads and ads on Google Display Network (GDN). Google Ads offers businesses a wealth of opportunities to drive success across all channels. Bing Ads, formerly known as Microsoft Advertising, is in some ways similar to Google Ads and places advertisements on Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Our paid search agency applies years of experience and the lasts management tools to construct, optimize, and report the data that drives positive results for online brands.

Drive Sales With These 3 Main PPC Services Platform

Growth Driven Google Adwords

Google Ads PPC Services

Google ads offer the broadest range of advertising opportunities such as search, video, shopping ads, and local campaigns, and all provide excellent opportunities for brands to reach their target audience.

Growing Brand Audience With Powerful Facebook Advertising

Paid Social Media Networks

Using social media advertising correctly is critical because we often see budgets wasted on the wrong audience costing time and money. Our paid search agency is the industry expert in audience development.

Bing Ads Advertising Provides ROI Growth

Bings Ads - Microsoft Advertising

We have mastered the art of Bing AdCenter because this network is typically the highest return on the investment platform due to its meager cost per click compared to other forms of advertising.

Why Selecting The Right Type Campaigns Are Critical For Reaching Your Target Audience And Advertising Goals?

Our Paid Search Agency Will Drive Sales By Matching Your Brand To The Optimal Campaign Resulting In Opportunities For Your Brand To Sell Goods and Services with the highest probability of success.

App Campaign

Mobile app installation campaigns give you the ability to promote iOS and Android apps that appear in networks such as search networks, YouTube, etc.

Display Campaign

Text, image, video, audio and motion ads appear on websites, apps and social media platforms and come in various sizes including banners to reach users across the web.

Local Campaign

Taking a page from Google’s own Waze ads, local campaign advertisers will see their locations displayed in the coming weeks when users get directions on the map.

Search Campaign

Search engine advertising (also known as paid search engine advertising, Google advertising or search engine marketing) is a marketing technique that places online advertising in search results. 

Shopping Campaign

Shopping ads work by taking product types from your product feed and displaying them using Google’s own keyword data, your products ads will appear by the most relevant keywords.

Video Campaign

Connect with your audience through YouTube and Google Video partners, you can choose between different campaign objectives, campaign subtypes, and ad formats to inform people about your product or service and get them to act.

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What To Expect From Our Paid Search Agency

A collaborative partnership brings our teams together by leveraging your business history and our expertise as a paid search agency breeds mutual success.


We work on client accounts daily, unlike 95% of other agencies.

Because this approach has been proven to maximize budgets and helps maintain the highest quality scores possible.


The most cost effective PPC management fees online.

As well as performance guarantees that keep our paid search agency on top of your account each and every month as long as you’re a client of Digitalstem.

Drives Sales With PPC Service

Our paid search agency’s approach to increasing sales.

With collaboration we optimize to your business goals first, because this will show the immediate results, you’re looking for then we scale from this jumping-off point.

paid search agency’s approach to increasing sales Infographic

The optimization techniques & technology we deploy to drive sales.

From AdWords to Facebook, our paid search agency deploys optimization technology analyzing real-time data, resulting in your account managers being proactive instead of reactive.

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Rules-based, data-driven changes are made to your campaigns daily.

Optimizing is at our core, as we know how we do profoundly each action impacts your business, and we never take that lightly.

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Continuous a/b testing is a specialty of our paid search agency.

A/B & multivariant testing with a proven platform drives the highest possible PPC results while lowering overall costs.

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Weekly PPC network audits keep each channel optimized ensuring steady growth.

A time-tested and battle-proven auditing system delivers positive outcomes.

paid search management agency averages 32% higher conversion rates illustration

Our paid search management agency averages 32% higher conversion rates than industry standards.

We deliver easy-to-understand reporting on all our results, the proof is in the data.

Optimizing PPC services to drive conversion and more sales is a process that requires expertise to analyze and implement this data because knowing how to interpret the data is key to success.

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Our Clients Have Spoken and Here Are The Top PPC Challenges We Hear Most Often

» The skyrocketing cost of PPC advertising.
» Diminishing PPC return on investment.
» Not enough time to manage correctly.
» Advertising bounce rates increasing.
» Decreasing cart conversion rates.
» Quality score declining.

The processes and technology we apply to our account management overcome the challenges that most PPC advertising is experiencing because most struggle with the complexities of (PPC) paid search management, this is where our paid search agency helps brands just like yours succeed in the modern era of paid advertising.

What to expect if you work with our paid search agency.



Schedule weekly meetings give insight into our effectiveness.

So you and your team are never in the dark.


Easy to read PPC reports, we keep it simple & fully transparent.

Custom reports based on your requirements.


Though leadership & dedication that our paid search agency provides.

We instill confidence in our clients, never worry about your advertising again.

Experience what a sales-driven paid search agency can achieve because your business needs the utmost dedication to manage your advertising dollars to their fullest capabilities.

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