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Data-Driven Media Modeling Mix, and Diagnostics

Media Mix Modeling is a top-down approach that uses tools and advanced analytics to evaluate how media and marketing activities, pricing, seasonality, and variable factors impact sales and return on investment.

Scientific Approach Empowered by Human Ingenuity

Media Mix AIS® Modeling

Our AIS® suite provides an accurate, ongoing measurement of media performance to maximize revenue and profit while maintaining the optimal ROAS. In addition, our incrementality measurement solutions complement your current Media Mix Modeling approaches to inform attribution and help you optimize and scale campaigns.

Intuitive AIS™ Ecosystems

Modern marketing model diagnostics is a forward-looking assessment identifying where you need to pivot your marketing functionality to unlock growth. It involves performance segmentation, omnichannel analysis, LTV, and more to make better marketing investment decisions.

Free up internal and external resources to invest in high-potential, data-driven growth opportunities.


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