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Got Questions?

Here are the answers to some of the most faq’s we get. Don’t see yours here? Then, reach out to our team.

How do you approach creative?

Data-driven auditing and sequencing of your existing library of assets determine what types of creativity work optimally for your paid social strategy. We assess your images and video library to ensure best practices per channel. We will produce additional assets to maximize effectiveness based on brand guidelines. Include variations to run A/B tests and transparent performance reporting.

Does automation mean autopilot?

We are using 95% human capital and 5% machine-driven administration. We manual monitor 100% of all tests on all channels, and we leverage Data Science and Data Discovery to target consumers, improve flexibility to speed up data results, and optimize sales. However, automation does not mean cruise control or autopilot.

Is there a feed minimum or maximum?

Nope, no matter how small or encompassing, Digitalstem has the ability to get to work swiftly.


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Media Mix Modeling and Incrementality for Search, Social, OTT & Display

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