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We’ll audit your Google Analytics to make sure it’s collecting accurate data. Your Google Analytics Audit will be confirmed for reporting on the metrics that matter. We work from strategy right through to implementation and ongoing support. We work with IT teams to ensure that Google Tag Manager is integrated cleanly across the full digital footprint.

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Configuration Checklist

There are multiple Google Analytics configuration options available. These are important to check when setting up Google Analytics for the first time. It’s always best practices to double-check your implementation.

Technical Setup Checklist

Configurations need to be implemented into Google Tag Manager or by modifying the Google Analytics tracking code for your application. These technical setup options might require the help of your developer to confirm configuration &  the set up is correct.


Campaign Tracking Checklist

Having accurate data inside your Google Analytics reports is crucial. It’s time to check that Google Ads and your other marketing campaigns are being tracked and reported correctly so that your optimization tactics will result in positive outcomes or increase performance.

Ecommerce Checklist

If web users can purchase on your website, then you’ll need to implement eCommerce tracking. Hosted platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, to name a few, include simplified integration with Google Analytics, so you should be able to get up and running quickly.

Event Tracking Checklist

Google Analytics allows you to track people’s actions within the pages using event tracking. It allows you to track everything from embedded YouTube videos, people scrolling your content, click to call text, and more. In most cases, you can use Google Tag Manager to configure event tracking on your website and confirm with the realtime analytics reporting section. 


Goal Setup Checklist

Once you’ve set goals have been set up in Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see if people are converting on what matters to you. You can now tie conversions to your different marketing channels, down to your keyword content, and all of the other actions people are taking on your website that you wish to track back to your advertising.

Site Search Checklist

If there is search functionality within your website, then configuring the site search reports will provide priceless data on the user’s behavior. You can use these reports to identify holes in your website’s content and or navigation issues that will need to be fixed to ensure users find what they are looking for.

Integration Checklist

You can integrate Google Analytics with other Google products, even external platforms, with the assistance of a developer if you’re not comfortable with any of these processes. 



Analytics Checklist

Once you’ve checked all your Google Analytics implementation and all of the configuration options it’s now time to improve your marketing campaigns correctly with accurate Google Analytics data.

How to Audit Google Analytics

 A Google Analytics audit is one of the best ways to make sure you can trust your data. In an ideal world, it would be endless research, analysis, learning, and visualization. However, in our more pragmatic universe, there are deadlines, results, and actions you need to take for the data.  For it to be trustworthy, you need to check your analytics set up to make sure the correct tracking correctly.

Here, our Google Analytics Agency walks you through the process step by step to ensure that your Google Analytics data is correct and that you are recording the accurate data. The process of determining what to measure to ensure that analytics data is correct, trustworthy, and enables you to conduct data-based business actions is known as a Google Analytics audit.

First, let’s start with placing Google analytics on all of your websites and watch how the data is received. If done improperly, this can lead to inaccurate measurement and make it more challenging to identify and debug website problems. To help you do this, we’ve put together a checklist for the Google Analytics review that we’ll continue to keep up to date as Google Analytics introduces new features.

The main reason for performing an audit is to check the quality of the web data collected in Google Analytics. What makes the review process difficult are the various sources of error between data generation on the website and the data recorded in Google Analytics. The goal of an analytics audit is to identify the causes of errors and to validate the data recorded data points.

The Google Analytics tracking ID in the subdomain differs from the tracking ID on the main page. The data is sent to various properties, which means that the user journey is broken and not shown. Assuming that you have access to the entire Google Analytics account, you can now run a full Google Analytics review.

Ensuring that your Google Analytics account checked regularly can make the difference between making money and doing business. Let’s take a closer look at Google Analytics (GA) and the process of checking your account. I’ve looked at hundreds of Google Analytics accounts in this industry over the years. Part of my job is to perform quality checks on many Google Analytics implementations. I always manually check whether the same things are involved.

There are all kinds of techniques and strategies in Google Analytics that could simplify a checklist. Checklists also make sense because there are so many different ways to use Google Analytics. However, most users only use the default settings, which means they miss the big picture. A complete set of checklists can serve as a menu for the available functions of Google Analytics.

Sampling is done, if requested by our Google Analytics agency, for 500,000 sessions at the property level for the date range you use a standard Analytics account. If you have more sessions in a month, you will quickly encounter sampling problems. Many companies face sampling problems as soon as they use customer data, e.g., via Google Analytics segments. As your requirements grow, consider using Google Analytics 360 or another robust sampling solution.

The most critical and rudimentary review you need to do as part of a Google Analytics audit is to compare the actual backend data with the Google Analytics data. Compare the orders, total sales, and total GA sales against the backend data and check if they match or if there are any discrepancies. Validate each transaction in the backend must be carefully compared with the GA data. Our Google Analytics Agency performs Google Analytics audits upon request.

Here is a link to analytics help for the installation overview.

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