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What is your source of truth?

Whatever your aim, from embracing new digital capabilities to launching entirely new digital ventures to set a new standard of excellence.

Once you acquire our digital marketing solutions to optimize your return on investment, we begin compiling your first-party data in conjunction with building top competitors’ marketing profiles. We then utilize this data to develop the best possible strategy to gain marketshare to dominate the competition.

AIS® Technologies provide a forensic competitive landscape analysis, or what is known as a competitor audit, which is a deep analysis of where your competitors are spending the most effort and the messaging behind it.

Cultivating marketing initiatives to their fullest, exposing new yet explored opportunities & increasing marketshare.

Smartphone showing report of behavioral remarketing data

How We Do It+ Scientific Approach

Our scientific approach to social eliminates assumptions with more intelligent automation and better measurement, letting us pinpoint audiences.

audience+ product feed redefined

Meet your customers where they are going. Digitalstem manages, optimizes, and delivers for every paid social channel. The result: feed-specific, dynamic product ads across all social platforms.

scientific approach+ scalability

Test, analyze, and optimize your media mix with a team of over-achievers who take a science-based approach to your incrementality testing. Scale with correct media mix modeling validated with fact-based, data-driven incremental testing.

behavioral intent+ dynamic funneling

We take a full-funnel, cross-channel approach powered by technology. Our strategy integrates your data to identify core buying audiences and serve the right ad across multiple digital touchpoints. We are developing LTVs models to sustain long-term growth.

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Media Mix Modeling and Incrementality for Search, Social, OTT & Display

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