Competitive Landscape Analysis

Gain invaluable insight into your competition with forensic competitive landscape analysis, creating better digital marketing strategies based on data, not assumptions.

Drive Higher ROI with Regular Competitive Landscape Analysis Technology.

Learn where your competition is spending marketing budgets, and much more.

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Competitor Marketing Analysis

Our knowledge of ad networks’ interworkings combined with over a decade of applied competitive landscape auditing created the road map for ROI growth.

What Is A Competitive Landscape Analysis

A competitive landscape analysis, or what is known as a competitor audit is a deep analysis of where your competitors are spending the most efforts to drive traffic. Understanding how to mine the data is up to the company you hire to conduct your competitive analysis.

How The Competitor Analysis Works

Our Competitor analysis is based on proprietary software that analysis where and what messaging in the ads your competitors are using. An estimate of PPC spends, as well as social media statics and other vital analysis data. This is critical, so you have a deep understanding of current market trends.

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Why Invest in Competitor Analysis?

You can save thousands in test marketing by have a competitive landscape analysis completed. Eliminate the trial and error testing ad networks, thus accomplishing ROI in a much shorter time.

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Fast tracked ROI

With a completive analysis, you get a blueprint of what marketing your completion is doing and confidence. You can avoid the mistakes made before you start your digital marketing campaigning.



Utilizing your competitive analysis’s content portion, you can modify your message to fit your target audience. Delivering the right message to users will help spread the word, branding you as a recognizable authority.


Increasing market share growth is the goal of all business owners. Applying best marketing practices with the data driven by the competitive analysis in most cases increases market share faster than traditional methods.


The foundation set by the competitive landscape analysis gives business owners the confidence marketing budgets are being spent optimally. With confidence, you can focus on other areas of your business growth.


The team behind your competitor analysis will ensure that your ROI and growth are inline. The ROI architects at DigitalStem are experts at creating, managing, and optimizing digital marketing strategies for growth.


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Our knowledge of ad networks’ interworkings combined with over a decade of applied competitive landscape auditing created the road map for ROI growth.

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