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Brake Performance 

aftermarket automotive brake parts

Objectives: Increase daily visitors utilizing the current budget: lower bounce rates and increase page per visitor values. Improve quality scores across all channels. Reduce cart abandonment rates. Acquire additional revenue sources.

Brake Performance PPC Management

A premier online aftermarket eCommerce brake parts business with over 3 million SKU’s for the B2B & B2C sales.

Solutions: UX data indicated consumers were overwhelmed with content, reduced content by 70% to funnel users correctly. Cart updates in conjunction with content condensed for ease of user’s experience in the check out process. Per visitor value on 14 geo areas found to be well below target, siloed for optimization while escalating winning geographies. A simple audit on click costs indicated bidding to ctr was optimal to maximize the budget, removal of google automated bidding. Immediate expansion into Bing ads shopping with retargeting based on GDN dynamic remarketing solution.


Reduced Click Costs


Increase Per Visitor Value


Increased Overall ROI

Miramontes Capital

financial & retirement planning services

Objectives: Increase brand recognition for Orange County and Los Angeles area with a new brand strategy to increase organic traffic. Increase user engagements that correlate to higher conversion rates. Initiate consumer nurturing campaigns that result in long term growth for scheduled appointments for financial services.

miramontes case study

Full-service agency serving OC & LA with financial advisor and retirement planning services.

Solutions: Launched a content marketing campaign as it related the latest topical financial news for the target audience of 58-65 years of age preparing for retirement. Funneling social media, google display, and custom audiences from AdWords with several pre-retirement tools and offers that cater to the latest questions polled by sample size. Email drip campaign encapsulated with multi-stage engagement offers embedding on the website for sales funneling.


Increased Organic Traffic


Increased Audience Reach


Increased Appointment Set

Case Study 10-25-2020

Futura Media LLC

Gaming Startup 

Objectives: Increase awareness, drive app downloads & increase organically driven traffic & optimize content for SEO rankings.

Brake Performance PPC Management

Online startup Futura Media LLC, an online gaming and application developer.

Solutions: social media brand reposition in conjunction with strategic audience segmentation ad strategy combined with multi-channel funnel remarketing increased traffic 431%. With UI | UX updates, lowered bounce rates 87%, Launched A.I. driven content strategy that increased rankings by 91% within first 90 days.


Increase downloads


Increased Social Traffic


Increase SEO Rankings

Recently completed projects

The Growth Agency Micro-Source Completed Project

Multi-Funnel Attribution Funneling Increases Leads By 171% For B2B Training Software Platform.

Responsive Project by The Growth Agency

Updated Responsive Designs Concepts Combined With UX Optimization Reduced Bounce Rates 69%.

Futura Media Project Completed By The Growth Agency, DigitalStem.

Social Media Audience Segmentation & Remarketing Funneling Increase App Downloads 213%.

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